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On Switching From Ubuntu

Posted on:September 22, 2022

I started working through The Odin Project’s curriculum earlier this year (2022). In the earliest sections, we went through things like: choosing a text editor, setting up git, command-line basics, and most importantly, at least for me, getting started with Linux.

Ubuntu is the distro they recommended, and being new to it all, I was a little reluctant to give up Windows entirely. So I went through the process of configuring a dual-boot set-up with Windows alongside Ubuntu. Though not too long after, I made the switch entirely and gave up Windows once and for all.

I actually enjoyed setting it up though (even though it was a pain), learning how to dual-boot my machine, having to solve certain issues by searching on forums and reading about how other people solved the same problems I was having.

Being kind of privacy-minded, I eventually stumbled upon Prism Break a web site which offers good alternatives to the software offered by the mega-corporations.

From Wikipedia:

PRISM is a code name for a program under which the United States National Security Agency (NSA) collects internet communications from various U.S. internet companies.

And so, ever since reading about how Ubuntu, and any derivative of Ubuntu, is NOT recommended by Prism Break, for reasons, I decided to eventually switch Operating Systems.

And while I can see the appeal in “distro-hopping,” as they say, it is kind of fun, it’s also kind of a pain.

But so I went looking for a new OS. Trying to decide which OS I wanted to switch to, I considered a few: Pop!_OS, Fedora, Mint, FreeBSD.

A couple weeks ago I finally made the switch. To Debian.

The thing that sold me was their philosophy, and their Social Contract and while there are some downsides (Systemd, no non-free software, and software that’s not always up to date), I’m happy with my choice.

Thank you for reading and have a great day! :)

(Update: I’m currently on Fedora)